Ceiling fan makeover

I have hated these fans since we moved in 8 months ago. (We have 4 of these exact fans) It gets hot in CA so my husband wouldn’t let me replace them with gorgeous chandeliers.

I would crop them out of every photo!

Well I decided to try to make a chandelier fan, and here’s how it turned out.

This one is in my master bedroom.

This is my family room.

So here’s how I did it.

1. Remove the bulbs 💡 and the shades

2. Remove the blades with a drill

3. Tape off the ceiling to paint the fan, then use spray paint to paint the fan.

4. Take the blades outside and paint them, make sure to dust and clean the blades

I used rustoleum spray paint. It’s my favorite brand. Great quality. I get it at Home Depot for $3.75 per can. Each fan takes about 2 cans.

I used a glaze over the top to get a distressed look. I’ll link that.

5. Once the paint is dry on the fan and blades, screw them back in.

6. Place new light bulbs. Here are the ones I used. They are a steal on Amazon.
7. Add crystals!

I left the screws that’s held the shades in place. This is what I used to string the crystals. Here are the crystals I used! Again total steal on Amazon. It was enough for 3 fans plus left overs.

I did a different makeover on the same fan in my sons room!

All I did was paint the blades black. I didn’t paint the base. And I got the cage shades on Amazon too!


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