Making Bead Garlands

Hi friends,
I had seen so many cute wood bead garlands around Instagram. I found some in a shop one day for $20 and gladly bought them because I had never found any before.
I loved the ones I had, but I wanted more, and different sizes and lengths. So I turned to Amazon, and found this amazing bag of 150 wood beads for $7.99
The best part is that it was a mix between large and small. So I made a few different styles and am so happy with this inexpensive DIY. I may need to order more! Here is the link if you are interested. Click on the Bead picture.

Here is the garland I made with the large beads.

I organized my bar in this cute tray and decorated with he small and large beads.

I added beads to my chandelier in the guest room to make it pop.
The top are the small beads. And to make them spaced apart, I tied a knot in between each bead. The large are used on the bottom.


here is my exact bedding for only $30, i ordered a king size so it would be oversized for this queen bed

Here is the room before I painted it and added the beads.